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Fire Chemistry

45 Hour E-Learning (Online)
FFP2111 Fire Chemistry satisfies part of the Florida State Fire College pre-certification requirements for Fire Investigator 1 and Fire Inspector 2. 

Required textbook (Not Included):
ISBN: 978-0135075883 
Fire Dynamics, By Gregory Gorbett/James Pharr




Reference: FFP2111

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FFP 2111 Fire Chemistry is a self-paced online fire course with ongoing enrollment. 

This course is designed to show the arson investigator the different forms of matter and energy, common substances, and how they relate to fires. The chemical formulas of flammable and combustible substances, their bondings and separations, as well as the different chemical reactions related to fire and oxidation are covered. Particular emphasis is placed on the specific substances used by arsonists to ignite and accelerate burnings.