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Florida State Fire Classes>9572 SERP (Statewide Emergency Response Plan)

9572 SERP (Statewide Emergency Response Plan)

9572 SERP (Statewide Emergency Response Plan)

6 Hour E-Learning (Online)
Florida Statewide Emergency Response Plan (SERP) Class satisfies part of the pre-certification requirements for Fire Officer 2.

No textbook required

Continuing Education: FL State Fire Instructor and Fire Inspector certificate renewal

This course has been approved by the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training at the Florida State Fire College.


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RN9572 Florida State-Wide Emergency Response Plan (SERP). This is a 6-hour course and contributes 6 CEUs towards Florida Fire Instructor I, II and III, Florida Firesafety Inspector I, and Florida Fire Code Administrator certification renewal. It is also one of the pre-certification class required for Florida Fire Officer II certification.

The course complies with the JPRs set down by NFPA 1041 (2012). Students will learn about the Florida emergency response system and how it works, including the various components and benefits. The course also covers

  • the components and processes for mutual aid in Florida
  • how to run a post-incident analysis in order to ensure required information is collected and can be used to assist with future emergencies.

At the conclusion of the course, you will:

  • Be familiar with the mechanisms and procedures for putting the statewide emergency response plan into operation.
  • Be familiar with mutual aid and its impact both within and outside Florida.
  • Know how to develop and carry out a post-incident analysis.

When completing an online or blended class through Ricky Rescue Training Academy, you will be held completely responsible for your own achievements. You must ensure that you work consistently and diligently to complete the coursework and related requirements in order to move forward. These open enrollment courses allow you to pace yourself, but will require sufficient self-discipline to keep up to date with the workload. Therefore, it is your responsibility to set aside the time required to complete the various units of these courses.