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Blended Learning Fire Courses in Fort Myers

How to Complete Your Online FFP 1510 Codes and Standards Course

Online learning is an amazing resource that works well for today’s firefighters. However, the Florida State Fire College recognizes that the content of certain classes demand an in-person component. We have done our best to empower students that may have felt restricted to only taking 100% online classes because they can’t make it to the compulsory in-person component. Are you based in or around Fort Myers, or within reasonable driving distance?

While the majority of our courses here at Ricky Rescue Fire Academy can be completed 100% online, the Florida State Fire College mandates that certain online fire certification courses, such as those for Florida Fire Officer, Fire Inspector, Fire Investigator, and Fire Instructor, have an 8-hour in person classroom component structured into them.

Classroom Component for FFP 2706 Public Information Officer Course in Fort Myers

Ricky Rescue Fire Training Academy offers the 8-hour classroom session at 3 convenient locations around Florida, including Fort Myers, enabling our students to complete all of the pre-certification course requirements in accordance with Florida State Fire College Standards.

Blended Learning Fire Courses in Fort Myers

The blended learning units offered by Ricky Rescue Fire Training Academy are:

  • FFP 1510 Codes and Standards
  • FFP 2521 Construction Documents and Plans Review
  • FFP 1740 Fire Service Course Delivery
  • FFP 2741 Fire Service Course Design
  • FFP 2706 Public Information Officer 

The in-person portion of these blended learning courses are conducted in a one-day 8-hour classroom session.  You can obtain a list of in person class dates in Fort Myers by contacting us through email or by calling the one of our Fire Service Instructors at 239 240 7915.

If you’re in the Fort Myers area, or surrounding areas, and want to take any of these blended learning courses, please contact us for more information. 

All of our online courses have been approved by the Florida State Fire College. Once you have completed both the online and in-person components, you will be eligible to sit for the FSFC exam.