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Live Fire Training Instructor Refresher
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Live Fire Training Instructor Refresher

Live Fire Training Instructor Refresher

Live Fire Training Instructor Refresher

8-Hour E-Learning (Online)

Live Fire Training Instructor Renewal satisfies the Florida State renewal requirement for Live Fire Training Instructor.

Required textbook (Not Included): 
NFPA 1403 Ed. 2018         
NFPA 1402 Ed. 2019

Continuing Education:
  • Live Fire Instructor Training 
  • Fire Instructor I, II, and III


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This course will review incidents that have occurred, and cover program updates, legislative issues, practical applications, case histories, and new technologies. The course includes an update of the changes to NFPA 1403 found in the 2012 and 2018 editions, a review of State laws pertaining to live-fire exercises, and a review and discussion of trainee and instructor fatalities in the live-fire environment.


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